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What is the right dose of Magic Mushroom?

The right dose is heavily dependent on the desired effects. If you want a mild effect or a largely intense trip. What is true is the fact that the magic mushrooms affects everyone differently and as a result, two different people may take the same those and experience different effects. A beginner should stick to the moderate dose (about 1-2 grams). This dose is enough to induce euphoria and induces better sensitivity as well as mild hallucinatory effects. Though users that largely did not feel the effects of this dosage can try higher amounts of psilocybin for stronger effects.

The highlighted therapeutic effects of psilocybin are better experienced on a lower dose (microdose/mild dose). The low doses provide a mild effect that can be properly handled. These dosages can become regular and it boosts moods as well as improved focus and concentration levels without the more intense effects.

Frequent usage may lead to a quick build up in tolerance and this will limit the effect of the substance in the body. Hence the need to plan the dosage and start small. You can gradually increase the dosage as time progresses and the effects become more manageable. The effects of psilocybin may take a while to kick in but the effects may take hours to wear off as well.

Another thing that can affect the impact of magic mushrooms on the user includes

The rate of metabolism of the body system,

Body weight, and height

Tolerance levels


People who do not have much body weight might experience the trips more intensely than those with a large body weight. This may be attributed to the speedy rate of metabolism in their body which also allows the effects to kick in faster.

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