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The Enigma Psilocybe Cubensis yields a brain-like blob-like structure. It is said to be extremely strong, and lab testing has verified this, as an Enigma mutant that tested at little over 3.8% tryptamine concentration won the Psilocybin Cup!

Initially discovered in a Penis Envy X B+ hybrid (TidalWave), the Enigma mutation is now known to exhibit Enigma-like alterations in several additional kinds. The source of this Enigma is the TidalWave mutation.

This kind is characterized by thick, dense mycelium blobs that frequently generate a pattern of rippling that is evocative of the human brain. Enigma blobs build over several months, and the longer they are left, the more potent they become. They are ready to be harvested as they start to turn blue, and they may be cultivated similarly to Cubensis (using the same materials and atmosphere).

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