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Learning how to Macrodose Mushrooms

What is micro-dosing, and why should I try it?

Like the name implies, microdosing connotes using a hefty dose of psilocybin mushrooms. Users have several reasons why they set out to microdose psilocybin, but the principal reason is for the fun of it. However, when the psychedelic user has an overwhelming trip, there is profound work going on on the inside—it is a catalyst. You may want to reinvent the status quo, redefine your thought pattern, or even do some deep meditation. Psilocybin is a good transport.

On the flip side, there are the macrodoses. The macrodose has more to it in that it is more robust and has a higher effect. Interestingly, when psilocybin has a higher concentration, it brings an aura and euphoria, which the microdose cannot deliver. The experiences are visual, auditory, and other incidents involving the sensory organs. Furthermore, it exposes you to your ego—it is a meeting that only a strong dose of psilocybin can fix.

As people are different, so are the psychedelic trips they go through—psilocybin can be challenging. As popularly noted, there are some risks associated with using substances. The same thing is indicated for psilocybin mushrooms, but the benefits of psilocybin far outweigh the negativity it presents—as long as you prepare well. To ensure that you have a fantastic pilocybin trip, we have devised a guide on macrodosing pilocybin in the best possible way. Consider buying shrooms online from our online dispensary at Mungus.

How long is a trip?

From the duration of 4 hours to the end of 6 hours, trips can generally last that long. Planning your day around the journey is essential, depending on the dosage. Trips sometimes last up to between 8 and 10 hours. It can be post-trip experiences that leave you feeling fulfilled yet drained. In your plan and its implementation, allow yourself to go through the entire journey of coming up, down, and the afterglow; it is necessary to allow your mind to synchronize with the experience.

How much should I take?

Psilocybin dosage depends on a host of factors, and it is determined by the user and the period of usage. Mushrooms generally do not have the same potency, as some are stronger than others. Bearing that in mind, the following are suggested guidelines to use, perhaps as determined by the kind of experience you are looking forward to: When you are a newbie, the advice is not to use much but too little. Before you increase the dosage, probably after the initially small dose, be sure to give the shroom enough time, as a break of between 1 and 2 hours, to attain its maximum effect.

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There is the microdose, which ranges from 50 to 200mg. When psychedelics are dosed at this rate, the feeling tends to be slightly perceptual, and its effect is negligible.

Another dosing level is the Warm ‘n’ Fuzzy, which also ranges between 200mg and 500mg. It is interesting taken with friends which sparks tingling and warm feeling all through the body—may be giggles. For perception, its effect is minimal or even negligible, and newbies can dose this way to enjoy the results.

Half dose ranges from 500mg to 1g. It delivers almost the same feeling as the warm ‘n’ fuzzy, like the euphoria and the giddiness. At this level, visual experiences may kick in for those with a lower tolerance level.

The total dose, which ranges from 1g to 2g, launches you into a deep trip. At this level, the body may enter a highness, and the eyes begin to perceive some visual anomalies and high sensing.

At the Deep dose, which extends from 2g to 3g, it is good to note that the user is entering an overwhelming dose arena. It is possible to experience the high sense of oneness related to the elements and people in your environment with powerful visual perception and hallucination with the auditory senses— unfamiliar thoughts notwithstanding.

The heroic dose, sometimes referred to as the base of psychonauts, starts at 3g and above. For anyone to use psychedelics at this level, it is advised to be under supervision and that the user be well prepared with the utmost intentionality. Well, for rightly dosed shrooms, you can buy them online, or to purchase shrooms in Canada, you can readily get them at the Mungus online dispensary, where you can get your amazing shrooms.

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How to take them

There are several ways to take these mushrooms without adverse effects. However, these examples are not exhaustive. Our recommendation will revolve around just three of the methods.

First, they are eaten raw. You need to measure your properly dried mushroom and use it. Of all the methods, it is the most direct and the easiest in preparation. However, since shrooms have a not-so-good oily taste, you can also use them with honey.

The mushroom chocolate is another fantastic means of using the shrooms and perhaps the sweetest way to ingest the psilocybin. Dosing it yourself can be very deceiving as it is not clear the rate at which the shroom is distributed throughout the chocolate. So, do not be tricked by your sweet tooth. Interestingly, you can buy shrooms online, especially in Canada, from our online dispensary as they have been precisely dosed.

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Thirdly, it can also be brewed into tea. It is especially recommended for those who have a thing with taste. The flavor of your tea can overwhelm the taste of the psilocybin and still get the dose-effect. Using the shrooms with hot water can bring out the full effect; consolidate your trip into a shorter experience. The recipe goes as measuring the required dose of mushroom, grinding into powder, mixing with ginger, chopping, pouring hot water while adding a tea bag, allow it to simmer for 20minutes. In contrast, you add honey or lemon to bring about the desired taste.

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The Set and Setting

The set refers to the condition around your mind or, say, the internal environment of the tripper. However, setting refers to the physical environment, which includes dissociation from social activities, the location of the experience, the people around, those with whom you trip, and biological factors that may affect the trip.

While the trip is on, it is often advised to get a trip sitter if you can’t handle the whole experience. The setting can also include the serenity of the environment and the warmth created when you trip with friends with excellent music going on in the background.

While tripping with people, it is essential not to be judgmental or even be insensitive. What is necessary is that they must help you provide the required balance between your physical state and your internal state.

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The Come-Up

The Come Up talks about the time or period it took for the psychedelic effect to begin to build up—sometimes from 30minutes to two hours. And if after two hours you do not feel anything, you should consider adding more.

For the psilocybin trip, it differs from one person to the other. Also, factors such as last time of eating, the kind of food eaten, the tolerance value of the user, the dosage, and others affect the trip. Interestingly, it differs from user to user (persons).

The effects of psilocybin start with some visual perception, like colors and shapes being formed, auditory hallucinations, and several others. Usually, there is a resuming feeling of giddiness, uneasiness, and sometimes an overwhelming euphoria.

The Come Down

The “Come Down” period takes place when the psychedelic effect is already wearing out; the hallucinations and visual perception are already dwindling. Since the impact of psilocybin comes in waves, there is no reason for alarm if the effect is not stable—it is normal. It is pilocybin working through your mind. Sometimes the product, known as the afterglow can last up to 24 hours or even a week.


Trips differ from person to person, as does the effect of the dosages. Each psychedelic user has a different drug or substance tolerance, which is a huge factor to consider when thinking of dosing.

Also, having noted the different ways to use the psilocybin, it is wise for the user to consider the best one at the appropriate time. For example, the chocolate style is presumed to be the trickiest as the sweet tooth can be a deception to the level of dosage required by the body. It is recommended that you get these already dosed psilocybins, especially from our online store at Mungus here. We provide the best experience in buying shrooms online in USA.

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